Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Incense burns for 30 minutes"

"Incense burns for 30 minutes" I look up at my windowsill and that is what I see written on the purple box in front of me. Lavender. A friend gave me the lavender incense when I left Santa Fe, along with a lavender soy candle, lavender hand-lotion from the Santa Fe farmer's market, and Trader Joe's dark chocolate for the plane ride. 

Why aren't there any Trader Joe's in Austin? Does anyone know? I miss TJ's. For the same price, its difficult to find fresh lettuce, cucumbers and many other things for that matter. Now, I'm thinking of the big garden in our back yard in Maine. There's nothing like those little prickly cucumbers sliced up and placed on a spinach and herb tortilla spread with cream cheese, salted and peppered. 

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