Saturday, January 24, 2009

going back

I am going to make a library run soon...browsing through notebooks to find books I may have scribbled down to read. Found some. Also came across this observation from the summer: 

I like the round smooth stones, black, Ramona has. 
I like the fact that they are lying on a book about rocks, 
lying on the corner of the book's cover photograph 
of similar round smooth stones, black, like the ones Ramona has.

* the idea of real objects being on books/photos of the objects

Directions for Reading a Flow Chart

A stop sign is a reason to cry

A rectangle is a process

An oval is an endpoint

I love how these directions are meant to explain a flow chart, but when the context is taken out, they become poetic!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


"Mapping is a way of helping to understand the bigger picture" my geography teacher for Religion, Environment, and Society said today. "What makes a study geographical?" "Its the study of a phenomenon in a spatial way." The discussion centered around the relationship between religion, environment, and society in the middle east. I'm just remembering all the maps in the Travel Bug, again, and how looking at those maps helped me make better sense of relationships between things. Coincidentally, I'm on my 2nd book in a row set in the middle east, I finished 3 cups of Tea, and am nearly done The Storyteller's Daughter. The author tells of the beautiful myths and ancient fables her father and grand-father passed on to her. Many have the same allegory/moral undertone as the Afghan tale of the king I laid out/illustrated recently. The author expresses her dream for her country that, "we'd export apricots and karakul lambskin instead of war" (201)


My aunt just forwarded a group of these street art images from the pavement artist...and these are some of my favorites. I love the illusion and the creation of another world.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue sun days

I noticed a lifting of spirits with the first sunny day since I've been back. And today is even better. When I walked through Pease Park this morning, I saw many little kids with parents off for MLK day. 

Yesterday I noticed a 3 legged deer limp past my grand-mother's kitchen window. I noticed a cat dart out from beneath a car. I noticed how nice it is to go into Whole Foods with some one else. To follow someone to the dessert section and not cut my own path through busy buyers.

Now I am noticing new bands. It took my aunt to tune me in, no pun intended, to the amount of free streaming music available on i-tunes radio. Now, I'm listening to the station "Whisky from a Wire" in the alternative category. And they just played Brett Dennen, who I'll see on friday! "Darling, do not fear what you don't really know"