Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Folliage (in the Northern Hemisphere)

We hiked to Lake Katherine, by the Santa Fe Ski Basin and Baldy, on Sunday -14 miles total through turning aspen and warm sun. I had never been all the way to the lake before. After a picnic lunch at our destination, a few of us meditated on rocks, but unfortunately had to put up with intruders who did not respect the inherent silence of the space. Still, things were still, for the most part, in my mind and my heart felt awake.

A new friend and fellow hiker lent me the movie "Howl" starring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg. My housemates and I watched the film when I returned from the hike. Really, all I felt like doing after 8 hours of tramping (as New Zealanders say), was watching a movie and passing out. Howl, along with the mountain-climb, however, required me to write this poem before falling asleep:

Fall Foliage

Not to be dulled
But to be polished!
To reflect the gold
Of sunlight intersecting
Autumn aspen, to hold
Palms open, inviting.
To brush dust from
Hearts, brightening.
To notice a leaf,
Part from a tree,
Alight on air, hover,
Settle in front of me.
Not to be muted,
But to live life full-color!