Saturday, December 20, 2008

Out of Place or In Place?

Today, on my walk through the blueberry barrens, I noticed a pair of sneakers, shoe laces knotted together, suspended high up on a telephone wire. 

Friday, December 19, 2008


Fresh haddock fried in Indian spices and cornmeal.
Baby spinach frozen from the summer garden.
Grated raw beets with ginger and lemon juice.
Home made 1/2 buckwheat, 1/2 spelt bread with hint of molasses and raisins,
spread with thin layer of honey.
Well water. 
First meal home.

clothes, cats, and Moser

My sister has taken my pants, the silk ones Erika gave me from Guatemala with intricate batik patterning and hung them on her rocking chair for room decoration. She stuck a cantaloupe colored sweater in my closet that she doesn't want anymore. Mom found an acrylic painting I did in a high school art class and left it on my dresser. The pants I forgot in August are still sitting on the back of the washing machine. 

The cats are new. Two are fairly wild. They only come for food and they flee when they see us. The 3rd was someone's pet. Tortoise-shell with painted egyptian eyes. She meows to come in from the snow, but Pop's allergic so Mom is trying to find her a real home. The cats all came this winter because their owners left them. People are abandoning not only cats around the state, but horses too because they can't afford them anymore. When I owned horses, hay was $1 bale, grain $8 bag. Now hay is $4 + a bale and grain $16 + a bag.

Moser is new. Mom bought him in October. He's sooooo cute. Welsh corgi. Black, brown and white. White stockings. Brown eyebrows. Big head and ears. Long back. No bark. Such a respectful, quiet small dog. He rings a bell on the floor when he wants to go out. I like him very much.