Friday, July 15, 2011

In Gratitude for Good Food: 7/14/11

Thank you chefs Carrol and Teresa!
and influences from South Africa and Kansas
and love and peace infused in yummy fare.
We come together to share this feast,
There is always more than enough.
The good food does not cease.
This is the stuff
We are in the mood for!
Cous cous piled high
with sauteed zuccini and pecans
We smile at hot pepper prawns
and sigh for rosemary aparagus
We eye the orange garlic squash
and ask it to be passed
Sit and enjoy dinner with us!
Wash away fears and tension
with aromas of roast chicken
and sweet corn smothered in butter.
It is our intention...
Enough poetry, let's eat!

Formation: 7/6/11

Here we all are gestating,
developing, kicking, relating,
in the amniotic fluid of the center.
Protected from, confronted by the chaotic,
in this desert - once sea - of Albuquerque,
We are fed and watered
with quiet time and kindness
with sublime conversation
with renewed heart and midnfulness
Look at our little sensors forming!
Tuning our vibrations to the greater channel!
Feel the awareness
of this later-half-of-life, full-moon mind.
We will not leave behind this warm womb.
It is born within and has been strengthened
By all we are integrating outward and inside.