Saturday, December 7, 2013

High Priestess

My high priestess inside,
Is standing always,
Present and strong,
For full-conscious being-ness.
With cat-like yawn,
And arching back,
She attacks neediness,
Smallness, pettiness, lack.
She lives relaxed,
And non-attached,
To cherished outcomes,
Transforming emptiness,
Into freedom,
By bringing mindfulness,
To hurts and ailments,
So suffering releases,
And separates from pain,
Giving rein to,
Untamed, limitless wildness.
Her force flows,
Through heart-beat veins.
She is core of Earth,
And center of flame.
She is fierce protector,
Of connection to Source.
She pierces falseness,
And sharpens claws on pretense.
Coming to know her,
Is pure gift and awe.

Fairy Deck Taro Card

To look within,
Not without,
That's what the card,
I drew reminds me about.
Perfect timing, no doubt,
To heal the empty kind,
Of intellectual pining,
Disquieting my mind.
As snow nears ground,
I find stillness abiding,
And silently filling,
The sound of fear.
Looking without,
Brought being without,
While attending within,
Brings being back in.

Body Intelligence

Body Intelligence,
Voicing messages,
Giving wisdom and guidance,
To take action or to contemplate,
Every Choice,
I have to make,
There to council,
On spending money,
That a course requires,
Saying with tension,
Don't force that,
Or, getting my attention,
With low back aches.

I get it.
You're not there to limit,
But to make space,
For me to listen,
And to create from,
My experience,
With Grace.

Mind Games

I was sad,
Because I knew that,
What I said,
Had made you upset,
But, even more than that,
I knew before my words,
Flew out,
And went ahead,
And said them still.
As I realized why,
You came around,
Also to apologize,
For reacting in anger,
And making me cry.
Some suffering lifted,
I'd placed on myself,
For being "bad."
What a mess,
Our minds make sometimes,
Thank you hearts,
For Steering us clear again,
Or we'd be left blind.


We are in each other,
All along dearest.
They say that,
About Lovers.
It is true for all souls,
We have connections to,
And what ones don’t we?
We are in the universe,
Before conception,
And beyond.
I’ve held you prior,
As you’ve held me.
Thank you for your lessons,
Your blessings, your possibility.
When its a mystery,
The mind is useless,
To comprehend,
Growth through sacrifice,
Closing to open,
Pain for direction,
And patience to exchange,
Question marks for, 
Exclamation marks,
No matter the wait.
Something great intuits,
Further brewing through being,
Before we greet you,

Whole-heartedly giving.