Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The benefits of cashew juice

I just tried cashew juice for the first time. I found it at Wheatsville on the top shelf of the beverage isle by the coconut juice, but actually its from Brazil. At first I thought it was made from the cashew nut and would therefore taste somewhat like almond milk or hazelnutmilk. As the container enlightens me however, it is made from the cashew fruit: "Did you know that a cashew is not just a nut? It is a fruit?" Cashew juice may help:
- calm an upset stomach
- sooth a sore throat
- protect the skin from problems like acne and eczema
- fortify the immune system
Cashew juice also has a lot more vitamin C than orange juice at 148%  as well as calcium, Vitamin A and Iron.

Great! That is exactly what I need. I had a bit of a scratchy throat this morning and I had a stomach ache until I drank the juice. And I just happened to pick this juice because I had not tried it before! The tapioca bread I picked up because I'd never tried it before, is not to be recommended on its own.