Friday, April 20, 2012

Poetry from the April Women's New Moon Gathering poetry workshop

Non-stop free write

Lines. That's what comes to mind. Airplane streamers above string of Christmas lights. Suspended over repetitions of bricks and the weft and weave of carpeting at my feet. Grated screen window lines framing captured paths of dried leaves and diagonal, meandering branches. Lines of thought connecting periwinkle blue paper to fading blue evening sky to stripes of fabric, blue, cascading down the front of my outfit. Leading and following gazes, imaginary lines tying this moment to that gathering a summer ago.

Words and associations

Solitude - Space to be me. Seagul over shoreline. Crashing waves. Footprints in sand.
Ectasy - Lifting heart to the moon
Gratitude - Filled to the brim, at the brink of boiling
Mercy - Eyes deep as jungle pools of love
Hunger - Knawing teeth through the bone of disatisfaction
Pain - Too hard to break a word open to
History - Webs in the corner rafters trapping the same old insects over and over
Peace - That lake of cat tails with the full moon that also fills my aura.


Liquid-pool-eyed deer standing knee deep in lake,
ripples spreading along to the cat tails,
to the Spruce island,

and, even to the moon,
who meets our gaze in reflected silver spool.
Deer gives me warm soft gaze.

Here - view the world through me.
She whispers in muted moonbeams
and deep shadow speak.

Under muse's warm, soft gaze,
The old world,
opens new.

Adage to poem

"Don't get your knickers in a twist"
Over the cliff, over the cliff,
over the blackberry bramble voice
of mother in a "don't get"
In a "don't get" voice
It is your black berry cloud.
Don't twist around when the
"Doesn't get" gets loud.
Listen to the twist,
The twist over the cliff,
The voice of the blackberry cloud.


The moment is bright.
The moment is quick.
The moment goes by.
The moment knows not.
Who is the moment?
The moment defies thought.
She steals the moment.
But only for a moment.
The moment stands still.
But only for a moment.
She remembers the moment.
But only for a moment.
The moment turns heads.
The moment lives large.
That moment is gone.
The moment is now.
This moment is God.