Thursday, January 29, 2009

6 cups of tea

Ha ha! Tea! One of my aunt's client's gave her a box of tea for Christmas. My aunt told me to come down and pick it up because she is a coffee person. I expected multiples of many kinds of tea. Actually, there are only 6 elegantly designed tea bags in the box. Each flavor?/kind comes individually wrapped in a pyramid paper package. Unfold the paper, and I find the tea bag, also triangular, a short string poking out of the top and a paper leaf attached to the end of that. 

From left to right: Citrus mint (caffeine free), chamomile tisane (caffeine free), white ambrosia (low caffeine), Jasmine Green (contains caffeine), African Solstice (caffeine free), Oasis (low caffeine)

I can smell each scent distinctly. I've never seen tea like this before, but that's not saying much because I have never shopped for or looked for specialty teas. But it is saying, I saw something I hadn't seen before and I am taking note of seeing something new every day. Anyway, its a nice design, though there is no credit for any designer that I can see. The tea is great too, thanks Laurie!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a rainy tuesday

Its another grey, rainy day. I only like country rain. Good for getting work done though I suppose. I don't know where the time went. I did spend two hours in the library.

Oh, and I noted the lovely hue the yellow beets gave my soup. And how like sea-weed the russian kale became when wet.