Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Shoppers crowded the streets. It was a sunny columbus day weekend in Georgetown. We went just to walk and window shop. Jessica had been often, but this was only my 2nd time going. As we started our walk, I noticed a white gate partially open beside an old stone house. The house just looked different than anything else around, but it was easy to miss - sandwiched in by shops. If the gate hadn't been slightly ajar, we may not have stopped. A sign on the gate said the house was built in 1756! and this was the entrance to the back yard, one of the few remaining original house lots and only open to the public on weekends. Of course, we wandered back to see what we could. Tangled gardens, very english, a few benches, a birdhouse, a few people reading. Quiet. It was like a little mini-park/oasis we never would have guessed was back there.

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