Friday, November 28, 2008

Rolling Stone

My brother and I used to subscribe to Rolling Stone throughout high school and into college, but stopped with loss of permanent addresses. Then, I'd just read one every once in a while - my aunt would pass hers along when she was finished sometimes or I'd pick one up for the plane ride. She just gave me the one with Obama on the cover, the October 30th issue, "if you have a chance to read over 'break" she said. 

So, obviously the design has changed. At first I had some nostalgia for the old design - how the former larger format made the magazine stand out from Spin and the others on the shelf. I missed the staples and remembered wondering how they held together those thick, thick anniversary special editions. After flipping through the new version and reading some, I actually appreciate the smaller format more. Its easier to hold, apparently saves on paper, and cuts back on splitting up long articles and having to continue them at the back of the magazine. Plus style and substance remain unchanged. 

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