Friday, January 16, 2009


This is what I wrote then, Jan 4 as I was leaving my one night in Boston spent with a middle school friend I had not seen for 3 years, in the lucky star bus headed to NYC. 

When ever I travel, I feel the possibilities. Potential in myself and others. Vast life. Its not this small bubble of grad school or work or a rural, quiet, far from drama bubble of Maine, etc. Traveling shakes me aware even if its just a short trip. Can feel big or small depending on where I go and how I perceive where I am. Anyways, just good to be reminded how small I am and how I am not in control and that surrendering is good. 

Later. Arrived in NYC. Cousin in hospital, so I find my way over from China Town to the ER near Columbus Circle, my two back pack condensly packed to be manageable by me alone. Follow blue and purple lines on the floor to her waiting room. Kind of confusing, but those are the directions the man at the front desk gave me, no room number, just "follow the blue line on the floor until it turns into the purple line"And I stay there 3 hours with her as doctors take a long time getting back to her about the blood test she had at 10am and finally let her out at 3:30pm, thankfully with nothing wrong, but the flu. 

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