Saturday, January 23, 2010

From December 17th at home in Maine for the holidays

There is a sliver of frost at the bottom of one window, but not the other. Otherwise the two windows would be identical.

The banjo hanging on the wall has 7 strings all looking the same except some are in the middle and some are on the outside, and without even looking closer, I would guess that some are thicker or thinner steel than others.

The wood walls are cut and beveled the same width and length, but they are each individuals too with identifying knots in different spots.

Two identical speakers face me. They look exactly the same, but one will always be on the left and one on the right of me.

 There is a sun image on the chimney - painted by my mom pa long time ago. Its like those southwest native American types with asymmetry, except, this one doesn’t quite have the same design on both sides.  

Just like us, everything is at once an individual and part of a whole. Everything that is unique and one of a kind can still be repeated as an image or composed in smaller parts and repeated.

Its funny how the same situations can repeat through out life too...repetitions of emotions back and forth between suffering and joy...I am happy now because I have a reason to be happy. That reason is: I have the ability and the desire to make the best out of any situation. And, um, maybe because I'm in such a place that I love again. 

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