Thursday, May 17, 2012


From 5/13/12
I feel really content and happy right now, grounded, here, not wanting to be anywhere else. I like that I have the next few days with no plans after work and just the quiet time to myself.

When there are not back to back plans, things can flow the way they would naturally. Sometimes, plans can become like culverts and dams trying to shore up and direct the river. Of course, the water's headed for the sea regardless, but it becomes sucked dry by all the demands of plans, so filled with toxins and trash of overactivity, distraction, expectation and consumption that its flow is not so beautiful or natural, respected and sacred. Until it does not flow.

I know now how important it is to create space and give space, precisely so I am not confining my soul's journey. Being able to create this space and to yearn more for this space than for the addictions and stimulations requires a faith and a trust in what the space will become, or what will become in the space, or what will simply be in the space. It is this intention of giving and creating space, of having faith in the space of becoming, that is so vital!!!

I wish to create a book of poetry and art that pays homage to space and its flow. That helps me be in the space as I make it and help others be in the space as they read and experience the content. This is my current work in progress:

How can images rhyme? How can images and layout of create rhythm to mirror the poetry of words? These are some of my questions.

- Image-making will involve canvas of water (water in a dish in which I can manipulate and place objects on), photography, scanning and photomontaging
- Images will be made custom in response to the poetry I have been writing over the past year, ideally first gut responses, little editing

- To create rhythm, rhyme, and poetic elements with imagery and text (cadence, space, pauses, repetition, beat, consistency, etc)
- To create an experience of space, flow, air, water, fire, and earth

This idea and all within it are created in this space of becoming time :)

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