Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Last Few days in Salento

After Thanksgiving, I spent a few more relaxing days in Salento. I lucked out finding a massage/reiki clinic tucked away behind some other shops. A Colombian/Canadian woman owned it and she set me up with a reiki session with a Colombian lady who looked like she belonged in India with her saris, crystal bead between her eyes and short, plump, smiling budah stature. She gave me a wonderful session with her unique blend of crystal pendulums and colombian essential oils. I've been feeling great ever since - the little knot in my mid-back that's so stubborn to disappear is still gone 5 days later. But I think it was equally the rest I recieved in Salento and the time I spent in nature, the long hike through the wax palms, and the absense from my computer, that did the trick.

The atmosphere was lovely and I would return here for the peace and pleasant climate. As a bonus, I met some very nice travelers in Salento I hope to keep in touch with. I'm glad I went out of my way to get there. 

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