Monday, November 17, 2008

to walk slower

I agree, I am a fast walker. With my sister visiting last week, we had to strike a walking compromise because she ambles along.  She made me more aware of my pace. I realized that I like to amble along too if I am new to a place and taking everything in or when I don't have any where to be or when I have received enough excersize. I think I ambled a lot more in Santa Fe. But here, I tend to walk fast probably because I feel like I have less time and because walking is a main way of transportation and movement (after much sitting). So, even though, when my sister was with me, I didn't have to be anywhere and we did not have to get some place on schedule, it was hard to even notice I had a habit to break. By the time she left, I was walking a lot slower and she was walking a little faster than usual. 

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