Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Story Continues

Friday night, I went to Albuquerque, this time for a Matrix Energetics seminar and to see friends. First, I attended meditation at the Center for Action and Contemplation with Andee and Teresa, then, the two of us joined Adonna at Baily's on the Beach for dinner. I only wish there had been more time because the time with them is always so wonderful. Teresa and I left early though, for a free seminar on Matrix Energetics. I don't even know how to explain this work. Its just highly fascinating, entertaining stuff. Yes, it is new-agey, but it seems more practical and accessible than most new-agey material. Its just another awakening and healing movement happening in the world, in our time. There is no right or wrong method - its just great so many movements exist out there for personalities to fit and find their gifts within. Ultimately, I believe, its about exposing yourself to all the different methods and extracting elements that work for you and blending them into your own unique way. At least, that is the path that I am on.

I spent the night at another friend, Vanessa's, after the seminar. Vanessa is an artist and an employee at the CAC. We had been dying to talk art/design and spirituality for a while. She wanted to see my portfolio, so I showed her a portion. We'll have to meet again for the rest because its just too much to take in. She gave me encouraging, positive feedback. Vanessa had plans to take me to breakfast for my birthday. I love when b-days begin before your actual date of birth and extend a week after! Vanessa took me to a great place, Slate Street Cafe. We shared blueberry - lemon compote stuffed french toast and smoked salmon fritatta. It was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had out to eat. Thank you Vanessa!

I woke up that morning with back pain again. Vanessa had an appt. with Diane for a massage. Diane also does acupuncture and she's really good at it. Vanessa gave up her spot for me! My acupuncture treatment with Diane felt way different than at the SW college of acupuncture. I could feel the tender spots and the little needles going in and the pressure points and the needles doing their subtle thing. My feet especially, a point Diane said related to my gallbladder, were undoubtedly the most sensitive. I felt the results and relief immediately taking a walk afterwards. I came home and rested with an icepack for a while. I was so grateful my body was well enough for the night's planned adventures.

A group of 8 friends and I took off for full-moon skiing, the last one of the season, at the Valle Caldera. Spectacular. Bonfires greeted us at the visitor center and at the old movie set cabin we skied to. After about 3 hours, we returned to the cars and drove to Spence Hot Springs. We were a little bummed to find the springs filled with a group of sexually-obsessed kids from St. John's College and a pod of Conspiracy Theory minded ex-military people from Corrales. Add to the mix the 8 of us from Santa Fe, plus one friend from Los Alamos. It turned out to be an entertaining, fascinating experience. Everyone a little out of their element out in the elements of a cold, nearly full moon March night into the early morning at the hot springs. I was acutely ware of the the edge between sacred and profane. That type of experience gets me wried to the realm of writing, takes me to the place of dreams, calls me to the moment of nothing else mattering, charges me to put it down.

The Grey Line Between
Is it balancing on razor edge?
Or teetering on tight rope?
This moon-beam and bottles night,
In the Jemez hot springs.
Smoke rings infiltrating steam,
And lungs of bodies soaking.
Catching sight of stars through
Tea lights saying silence,
Beautiful, golden flames,
Dance mutely with noisy voices,
Sinking into water cave,
Thinking sacred and profane.

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