Sunday, April 1, 2012

From my birthday (march 5th)

Every time I write the date today, I have to think twice not to write 3/5/1983, the day I was born. I'm beginning my 29th year, hard to believe. I started the day feeling happy and healthy. No back pain, a gift right away. I saw a body worker at 7am and an acupuncturist over the weekend. There were still adjustments - I could feel the subtlety of muscles, tendons, bones shifting. Will it hold this time? Time will tell.

When I got home, I did 4 hours of design work. The festival guidebook is coming along. I have to do more tonight.

Then I took off for Ojo Caliente. Its free on your birthday! The most freeing feeling enveloped me coming out here on my own with books and journals. The weather is amazing! 60 degrees and sunny on March 5th. I think I will stay until the sun goes down.

Later, at home before starting back in on work: so, I ran into a friend at the springs. She was giving herself a day too. We shared the most delicious fajitas, sangrias and pumpkin tamale at the fabulous restaurant on the grounds. Met a jeweler, photographer and writer at the bar too. It was altogether beautiful time and space and I am so grateful!

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