Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love and Gratitude Journal Notes from 9/9/12

More notes and reflections from "Calling in the One" book:

"Gratitude shifts our perception from what we don't have to what we do have"

"When getting to know new people, remain neutral yet receptive until you have all the information you need to see more clearly what they have to offer. You want to learn how much someone has to give by watching how they show up in life. Are they consistent? Do they share similar values and concerns? Do they balance and compliment you well? Are they available to love? Do they do what they say they are going to do? Are they sensitive and considerate toward you and others?

"Taking risks means taking actions that are outside of your comfort zone"

I love this quote:
"The way you have been living is what has produced the life you now have."

I intend to take actions and make choices based on my desire to continually push the envelope of who I know myself and the world to be. I dedicate myself to learning and cultivating the ability to give and receive love and to deepen my awareness. I want to give beauty to the world through the way I relate to the world and what/how I create in the world. I am committed to being the best I am capable of being. This means being loving: giving and receiving love to everyone I meet to the best of my ability in that moment - not because I expect, feel entitled to/demand or hope for anything in return but simply because that's the best that I can be. I intend to listen to my heart. I intend to be creative and create out of that space of love for myself and the world.

"You will have wonderful surges forward. Then there will be a time of consolidating before the next surge forward. Accept this as part of the process. And never become downtrodden." - Eileen Caddy

"Be. Then Do. Then Have."

"We have to "act as if" we love ourselves and love is abundantly fulfilled in our lives."

"99% of all creation takes place beneath the soil. As the farmer who has planted the crops does not go out into his garden in an effort to force them to grow, we wait. What is yours will come to you."

What are the qualities that you long for in a life partner?
I'm open. I don't want to define him and I don't want him to define me. Someone who is also sharing his intention to love and be loved. Who wants to be all that he can be. Whose beauty of spirit light up his beauty of being. Who is in love with life and shares that joy/infuses that joy in others. Who is in touch with himself and who has the courage to take risks and leaps and does what he talks of doing and is committed to deepening his awareness of himself. Someone for who I can be a launchpad for and someone who can be a launch pad for me when the time is right. We will meet when we have done all we can do on our solo self-growth paths and the next step can only be "we." Also, I commit to do date only those people who appear to have these traits and refrain from dating those who do not. For all those traits that I long for in another, I commit to cultivating them in myself first.

Affirmation: "Who I am is love. And I am attracting the love of my life in this very moment. I am already connected deeply to my life partner and I receive that partner now."

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