Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sometimes burnt out lightbulbs help you see better

I like our downstairs bathroom. I happened to notice the loo more today since our kitchen bulb burnt out and I had to use the bathroom light to find my way. I've grown accustomed to the house so I guess I don't notice the details on a daily basis. Our whole house in general has that vintage, old charm. Floral wall paper and wood panel covering circa 1930's. The house was built in 1937. Susan's lived here 30 years! I recently showed a friend the interior and she said she felt she was stepping back in time. She asked me if there were any ghosts. As if I would know that. I don't feel any, I told her. The house has a good vibe in my opinion. 

Anyway, back to the bathroom and what I like about it. The tiled, robyn-egg blue walls rise twelve feet to the ceiling. The height serves to create a space more vertical than horizontal. The floor area contains just enough room for toilet and porcelain sink. Metalic silver embelishes where wall corner meets corner. I twist an antique silver door handle to close the space. Everything is worn and could use some tlc. Nothing new, polished, or at all modern. Yet classic. And I have to say, full of stories. I would love to time travel and see it brand new.

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