Wednesday, September 17, 2008

thoughts on play dough and beyond

No more thoughts that cause tension in my back. I have the power to shut them off like the flick of a light switch. Remembering to flick the switch is the challenge, but I am more aware of these thoughts now. Negative thoughts are sneaky and harmful. Any worry, anxiety, annoyance of mind shows up in a sore lower back. At first I used to think back stiffness came from sitting at the computer too long, and soreness can definitely be agitated by that. However, I sat most of my eight hour workdays mon-thurs in Santa Fe sans back ache because positive thoughts came easy in that place and so did kindness to myself. 

Negative thinking doesn't need much encouragement to grow. I find that all this construction around or people having a long, noisy conversation in the lab on their cell phone can switch my mood if I don't make a conscious effort to just stop resisting and start accepting. Some where I read, (maybe in "A New Earth,") that it helps to think of annoyances as passing through yourself and moving on rather than getting damned up and hitting a wall of resistance.

It is a gift to be an environment in which positive thinking seems effortless. On the other hand, an environment is just an extension of my state of mind about it.

1) The grass was cushy comfortable on my sandals, as I walked across to library.
2) I noticed a couple lying on the grass, eyes closed, heads supported in hands, enjoying sunshine together.
3) Vegan coconut macaroon cookies made by the alternative baking company are yummy and, as their package states, "wonderfully addictive"
4) A children's book illustrator I met in Santa Fe told me about "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" and I found the book in the library!
5) Students were talking excitedly about upcoming shows...many great options.
6) Riding home in the dark was fast and refreshing
7) When I walked out of the art building at 9pm, boys were taking turns jumping off the wall beside the increasingly higher heights. A girl was taking pictures of their falls with amusement.
8) Play dough smells good. Reminds me of squeezing spagetti as a kid.
9) I like Wei's sculpture made from play dough that does not look like play dough anymore.
10) The house is quiet and cool.

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