Thursday, October 23, 2008


Just returned from Spanish. I am sooo enjoying absorbing new words with familiar meanings. Spanish sounds much more musical and well organized than English. Even having four classes by the time I went to Chile would have been immensely beneficial. Learning another language requires a receptive mind, play, observation. In fact, the more present I am, the more comes and stays. An added value of learning a new language is just that: the presence required. Interesting how I pick up some words right away, while other ones click for the first time in the fourth class. Being able to speak another language is obviously so valuable. Provides an understanding of and appreciation for those who can speak English in addition to their mother tongue. The process of learning and using mind in such a different way than accustomed to aids in maintaining play in design. 

Wish learning a language could count for credit. On the other hand, informal classes at instructor's abode in Travis Heights allows for meeting people outside academia. Two elderly judges give me rides back and forth to class. One, S, told me about her difficult hearing today. The hearing regarded a massage therapist whose ex-husband charged her with offering sexual favors to clients. S's job is to judge circumstances like that. Two nights a week, S and I learn Spanish together. S's motivation to learn is Anyyi (pronounced Ahn-gee), an 11 year old Columbian girl who speaks no English, whom she will adopt in January.

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Gloria said...

i'm so jealous. i wish i had time to revive one of my foreign languages....