Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I went to half of the informal talk about curating at the Blanton last night (before heading back to school to TA). A lot more people showed up than I expected. Some things I learned from the curators (Jade Walker of the CRL, Risa Puleo & Christina Hiett):

Christina: I like doing alternative showes where artists are working with non-traditional media that I don't know anything about—particularly computers. I also like curating shows that are collaborations between two very different artists.

Finding space is key.

There are process based shows and project based shows.

Risa: When coming up with a new exhibit, I think primarily about Who do I want to work with? Whose work am I most excited about? What do do I want to read about right now?

There are so many different ways of curating...different perspectives come from curators with studio art backgrounds vs. art history backgrounds vs. curatorial backgrounds or museum studies backgrounds. Curators have to be a little bit of everything...a lot of behind the scenes politics, licenses, budgets, technicalities to deal with.


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