Monday, September 8, 2008


Bulldozers and workers have been building a sort of mote in front of my house for the past week. The trench, as it were, goes down four or five feet. On Saturday, construction blocades and a "road closed" sign officially blocked our normal path out. 

Now, I start and end my commute biking past an old B&B. The cobblestone driveway is lit with white lights at night, which twine around all the trees and railings. Pretty magical in stark contrast to the mess around the corner.

The construction goes on even on Saturdays. I especially treasure Sundays now for the peace and quiet. No hammering, drilling, metal on metal clanging, droning machinery then. I guess the city needs new water pipes put in, but jeez, I hope they finish soon. This morning at 7am sharp, the noise began and the house was even shaking. Now that I have no choice but to wake up at 7am every day, but sunday, I need to go to bed earlier. 

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