Friday, September 12, 2008

From trees and cows

There is the book itself and there is the story unfolding inside the covers. Already, there are two stories. The book, metaphorically and literally, is one story inside the other. With a book, most people assume there is a story inside. Readers more than likely open a book expecting to read a story.

Steven brought up an interesting observation in the studio the other day: The reality that many people, including his nephew, connect milk with grocery stores more than they connect milk with cows. The grocery, rather than the cow, becomes the bigger story which milk fits into. 

Where does the book come from? Trees...

...more indirectly, however, than milk from cow.

Leonard Koren describes one of his most enduring lessons in creating books is that the more neutral, objective style of writing, as opposed to any slant of personal voice, gains more authority. Readers grant greater credibility and respect to research topics written in objectified voice. 

This lesson does not apply to personal experiences. 
Sometimes authenticity needs an "I."

I observe. 

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