Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just realized I've been writing with the First National Bank of Santa Fe pen. I don't really know how that particular pen ended up in my possession since I never even opened an account. 

It took me the longest time to find the books I was looking for in the fine arts library today. I guess I am just pokey and I get caught up in reading the books as I'm looking for them. I gave up finding two books I was intending to find. Partly this was because I had my arms full already and I needed to leave the library. I felt okay about abandoning the quest for those two books since I randomly found 5 books I was not intentionally looking for. What if there was a device where you could just put in the catalogue number and the device would turn green when you were hot and red when you were cold? 

Books remind me of learning, and learning reminds me of a quote my yoga instructor read yesterday. It went something to the effect that: Those who learn most are humble. Often, we overestimate how much we know. If we think of ourselves as knowing very little...we are open to learning more and working harder and we are free of expectations. 

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