Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take a break

I found this mug at my first living space in Austin, last fall. And I kind of took it when I left. I love drinking tea from this cup because it holds enough hot water to actually use up a whole teabag. So, then I don't feel as if I'm wasting half a tea bag like I do with most mugs. I also like that the lettering can be felt, that it is not printed on and that the message won't chip off. The mug is heavy duty too. The thick rim feels especially nice when drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows because the wider edge tricks me into believing the cocoa is made with whole milk.

Most of all, I love this cup because of the meaning its "TAKE A BREAK" message holds for me. Take a Break is the wonderful place to eat at my undergrad College of the Atlantic. There have been many observations on Take a break and much nostalgia felt for this place by alumni. Take a break is not only a place to eat some of the best food in a college cafeteria. Food that is organic and locally grown at College of the Atlantic's farm. During meal time or in between time, Take a break was/is a place to meet friends and teachers, a great hangout, a community base so to speak. Windows overlook the Maine coastline. Coffee houses hosted here tuesday nights offer free coffee, tea, organic and vegan treats, which disappeared well before the musicians paused for intermission. 

I guess, the TAKE A BREAK mug stirs memories of a place which surfaces easily this time of year anyway. COA's first trimester starts mid september - simultaneous with the subtle but noticeable shift from summer to fall. 

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Gloria said...

i love the phrase "i kind of took it when i left"--- ; )

do you still "see it" as much as when you first kind of took it?