Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm so happy to be back!

Hello! I haven't been here for a while, but it is my intention to write daily now that I am in Santa Fe again too. Arrived 4:15 Saturday 5/23. The plane was 15 min. early. The bathroom near baggage claim was closed. I asked the women at the desk if there was another one on this floor. I didn't want to go back up the escalator with my bags. "Yes, down that end. Its a really beautiful one too, I'm headed that way myself." A fancy New Mexican style bathroom and it was empty, unlike the long lines at the bathrooms in my Dallas layover. Out of the bathroom, both suitcases ready to claim, outside to the shuttle. So it was one of those breath-taking late afternoons with purple clouds flanking deeper hued mountains and sun shining through, leaves and pavement sparkly from rain. 

The taxi driver stopped at a stop light. To the right, a man, stopped on his bike, waved. "Hey Patrick!" The biker shouted at the driver. They exchanged news until the light turned green. "He's a cook at Tomosita's" The driver explained, "Known him for a long time. Good guy." We pulled up at my new house a few minutes later. A man and women were in the street about to get into a car. They hesitated, watching us. I had a feeling it might be my new house mate. (I found the place on craigslist sight unseen of course). I smiled and the woman came over and introduced herself as Nicole, my new house mate. "We were just about to leave for dinner, but I thought you'd be coming in about now." So it was perfect timing. 

First impressions: a quiet, good dog who looks like a red fox, a spacious back yard with garden and hammock, a lot of art and pottery in the house. Nicole is an artist. A number of pilates, yoga videos near the big screen T.V. The other house mate I have yet to meet is a yoga instructor.  Plants, light, clean, big kitchen! Compost, recycling, a juicer, communal spices and tea, glass sauce pans, wooden bowls, chopsticks and silverware, . My room to be is still occupied so I'm staying in the guest bedroom for now. Ahhhh. This is good.

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