Sunday, October 7, 2012

Poem (written 5/23/12)

An eclipse occurred.
And I missed it.
Totally slipped my mind.
I was talking to my sister.
Catching up with her.
On college life.
Signing off soon.
On truth and honor too,
And attunement to emotions.

Now darkness blankets desert.
Moths crash again window pane,
Straining for the light.
Midnight kitty purrs contendedly,
Beside me as I write.

What must be left behind?
What does not support this space?
A shift in motion, time and place.
Happiness seems a transient state,
Set on future arrivals.
I let clinging to it
pass amid the upheaval
of moth wings on glass.

I leave behind the people
Who wear masks.
I drop my own.
I discard 7 stones,
So I can step across the water.
I watch the mask float off,
Past laughing river otters.

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