Sunday, February 27, 2011

From 10/12/10 - Thinking

Beautiful meditation tonight at Mountain Cloud. Talk about relationships and thinking. How we can become aware of that moment when we stop experiencing and perceiving and start getting lost in thought an lose contact with the present. How that loss comes from being wrapped up on ourselves, our plans - me and mine. How we complicate things with our thinking. How our thinking has become our home base instead of awareness when problems arise.

Meditation is important because it gives repetition, constant reinforcement of awareness until we get to a place where we can take a break from meditation because we are living fully in awareness in our everyday lives.

Let solutions and next steps arise organically from stillness, not from thinking.

I'm content to stay in Santa Fe and always feel like I belong here. Really going to take advantage of all these spiritual talks and outlets while I'm here. Once again, I think that's the real reason I'm here.

Satisfaction vs. unsatisfaction. When there's part of me that wants to procrastinate and part of me that wants to get uncomfortable things done. How it feels good to get them done. I am at peace with not knowing.

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