Sunday, February 27, 2011

From 12/3/10 - Applying Dharma to World Tragedy - web stream

Resources and tools for tragedy

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Tools for Coping:
How much info and images to take in. Finding the middle path between denial and being overwhelmed. Post-traumatic stress can happen.

Joanna Massey speaks beautifully on the taking in.

The practice of loving kindness (meta)
2 kinds of therapy:
1) stabilizing
2) uncovering

There are times when we feel off-balance and overwhelmed. Loving kindness practice is an anecdote to all forms of aversion: anger, hatred, fear and grief.

If one person develops a high form of love, it can neutralize millions of haters - Mahatma Ghandi

Another way of coping is Vipassana practice. Once the mind is stabilized, vipassana awareness practice helps one stay aware of public stories that are told and whether they are wholesome and happy-inducing or not. Is this useful? Does it lead to happiness? Decide for yourself. Do we want to indulge in diversion? Do we want to indulge in war?

Its not what happens to us that brings our freedom, it is how we relate or respond to those conditions. We do have a choice about how to respond.

What are some of the causes of global tragedies? One of the fundamental causes of crime is poverty. Most governments try to control crime with punishment and that never works. If people have enough on the material side, they will be content. Much of terrorism comes from poverty and desperation. A commitment to reduce poverty. If we reduce poverty, we much also reduce affluence.

Buddhism + the possibility of a planetary culture.
"The mercy of the east is individual insight into the self void. The mercy of the west is social justice. We need both." - Gary Snyder

San Francisco Zen Center

Maryann Pergaman in Jeruselum.

When the anger of someone takes on a presence bigger than their issue: Israel vs. Paelestine

Rather than arguing with overwhelming hatred, feel immense compassion. Be sorry for the tragedy on both sides. It is not an issue of right or wrong. Let the other express themselves. Tell them they have no need to raise their voice because you are listening with all your attention.

The training of Vipassana:
of keeping one's heart open in tragedy, of being totally aware and present, of being compassionate

We create our world, our reality, with our mind. If our mind is filled with love & compassion, wisdom and generosity, then that is our world, our reality.

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