Sunday, February 27, 2011

From 12/3/10 - Notions of Time Talk

Notions of Time talk notes:

Eric Kolvig:
Are you in a hurry?
In our practice, we don't acquire, we uncover what is already there. Something perfect underneath. Michelangelo carving sculptures from stone. That's why its possible for us all to awaken. To understand suffering and to uproot it. Practice mastering our response. Whole worldview has to be deconstructed and destroyed.

"The eyes through which I see God are the eyes through which God sees me." - mystic

After enlightenment, turn back to the world and perceive profound suffering in our world and the impulse to stop suffering. To celebrated goodness wherever you see it and to approach everyone as a friend.

Allowing reality to be reality. That doesn't mean being passive. We don't have to intervene out of pain or anger. Acknowledge the village that allows you to be where you are today. "It takes a village to make a PhD..." Starting an acceptance speech in this way of acknowledging what got you to this place, humanizes the whole event.

Express gratitude.

What a wholesome state of consciousness can do - learning about community and supporting each other. It was actually your own pain more than the pain of someone else. We become more and more able to help as we become more skilled at dealing with our own pain.

The long descent - a user's gude to the end of the Industrial age - Book.

The Vanishing Face of Gaia - a Final Warning - Book

EAARTH - Making Life on a Tough New Planet - Book

If there is just one calm person on the boat, they can influence all the rest - Tich Nat Tan

If you have any urge to do this spiritual practice, DO SO NOW!!!

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