Sunday, September 20, 2009

From 7/17

One of the most unexpectedly nice nights happened last night when my swedish, couch surfing friend, Otto came over and we slept under the stars and saw 10 shooting stars! Amazing how cool it gets at night in NM in July and how beneficial body warmth is. I'm fairly tired today though. The hyena sounding coyotes didn't keep quiet last night and Riley dog didn't miss a chance to bark at them. Now I'm in Albuquerque waiting on the front steps for a friend to get home.

Where is my poetry state of mind? 
There go the ants around my feet.
They were there this morning at 850 C Chamisa too.
Its fun to watch them going busily back and forth
With an intensity of seemingly aimless direction.

Back to last night. We took the couch cushions outside.
And the white down comforter.
And the soft, auburn agora blanket. 
Spread them out. 
And we told stories. What to tell about?
Talk about a time when you came close to death?
A time you fell in love while traveling?
The most memorable person you met on a trip?
And then we wound up on the topic of friends.
How sometimes the friendship stays,
and sometimes it fades afterwards.
How sometimes you feel that chemistry
and sometimes you don't.
How sometimes someone else loves you
And you don't love them back.
Or the other way around.
Before saying good night, he offered,
And remember, if you get cold, you can hug me.
Woke up in the middle of the night to being held
Coyotes yipping eerily, in the arroyo just to our right.
That surprise when someone touches you in the dark,
And you feel it an instant before you feel it.
Such a deep beauty in touch - platonic or romantic and
Sometimes, we don't enjoy it enough in this world.
This is the story from last night. 

Its good to have this time to write. Make the time for creativity and it will come. Create the space for peace and it will arrive. Be open for abundance, believe you are worthy, and it will appear. 

Drove so speedy down highway 25. To Arrive. Only to wait. Now I have this unexpected time to sit on the porch and write until my friend comes home to unlock the door.

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