Sunday, September 20, 2009

From September 15th 2009

I came across Ailine Smithson's photography website the other day in some of my research. In her artist statement, she says things I very much relate to:

"I take photographs to allow myself and the viewer to look for or create moments that are at once familiar, yet unexpected. The odd juxtapositions that we find in life, are worth exploring, whether it is with humor, compassion, or by simply taking the time to see them. I have been greatly influenced by the Japanese concept of celebrating a singular object. I tend to isolate subject matter and look for complexity in simple images, providing an opportunity for telling a story in which all is not what it appears to be. The poignancy of childhood, aging, relationships, family, and moments of introspection or contemplation continue to draw my interest. I want to create pictures that evoke a universal memory."

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